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Weekly Scripture

After reading the weekly scripture here, I invite you to be in prayer for vulnerable people around the world (Haiti, Chile, Afganistan, Pakistan, African countries and others from the global south).

~Pastor Roger Hudson

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Preschool / Nursery

Preschool is closed due to Covid-19 at this time.



Nursery Hours:
Sundays – 9:15 am to 12:00 pm

All God’s Children are welcome at Covenant’s nursery! We’re open every Sunday with times subject to change based on service schedules.

•    We ask that children over four years of age sit with their parents during the service; if kids become unmanageable, however, they’re welcome in the nursery.
•    Children over five must remain with their parents.
•    If your child is in diapers or is potty training, please bring spare clothes and extra diapers – we only carry diapers up to a size 3.
•    Please bring formula, bottles, and any related feeding/snacking items as needed.
•    New family? Please fill out a New Child Form so we know whether there are any allergies, who to contact in case of emergency, etc.

We welcome and encourage all families to come and visit us in the nursery. If you are organizing any special events that require child care, or if you have any questions about Covenant’s nursery, please contact the nursery supervisor.