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Weekly Scripture

After reading the weekly scripture here, I invite you to be in prayer for vulnerable people around the world (Haiti, Chile, Afganistan, Pakistan, African countries and others from the global south).

~Pastor Roger Hudson

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Spiritual Growth

In Christian Spiritual Formation the focus is on following Christ. It is a life-long process as a believer desires to become a disciple (or apprentice) of Jesus and become more like Jesus. This is only possible with Divine grace and the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit. Spiritual formation refers to the Spirit-driven process of forming our interior life in such a way that it becomes like the interior life of Christ Himself.

This happens in many different ways. It can happen in outreach and service as we meet the needs of another human person, but it also happens in intentional engagement with each other and with God.

We invite everyone to engage with the process of growing in their faith.  You can find out how you might begin by clicking ‘Engage in the Process.’