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Weekly Scripture

After reading the weekly scripture here, I invite you to be in prayer for vulnerable people around the world (Haiti, Chile, Afganistan, Pakistan, African countries and others from the global south).

~Pastor Roger Hudson

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Engage in the Process


“Conversation with the Pastor”
We try to have an informal time to visit with the pastor at least once per month, and during the summer it may meet less frequently or more informally!  This is a chance to get to know one another in a more relaxed setting, hear just a little about the church and ask any questions you might have.  This is approximately a one hour gathering with food provided, but we do ask that you contact the church office here (or by calling 466-1768) to reserve your space.

Friendship Dinners
These small dinner groups offer an opportunity to share good food and conversation with others at Covenant. You can join a group that meets in homes four times a year, or you can join a dining-out group that meets monthly at a variety of restaurants. These groups are formed in the fall and continue through the rest of the year.


Compass Class
Get your bearings… Just as a compass helps us to get our bearings when we aren’t sure which direction to travel, this gathering helps us learn more about being a follower of Christ, more about the United Methodist Church as a whole, and our distinctive role in North Spokane at Covenant United Methodist Church. You will have the opportunity to learn more about our vision, learn about what Covenant Membership means, and share time with new friends. This is a series of two or three weekly meetings on Sundays between our morning and evening worship times, with food provided.  Again, please contact the church office here (or by calling 466-1768) to find out about the next series of Compass Classes.


The Importance of a Life Group / Small Group
We are convinced that, in order to grow in our faith, we need to be surrounded and supported by a group of like-minded followers of Jesus.  We are far more interested in creating places where a deep experience of God’s grace impels us out into the world, and helps us to discern God’s call in our lives.

  • Life Groups

The primary building block of the church community, these are groups that have a trained host/facilitator and helps to guide the discussions.  Leadership may be shared among several mature, faithful persons, and we generally meet either weekly or biweekly (our preference is for weekly meetings) in twelve week increments: September – November, January – March, May – July.  We have a “Life Group Link” event at the beginning of each period that is designed to help people make a connection with a group.  Notify the church office here (or by calling 466-1768) if you are interested in our next event, or have a desire to be a part of a group.

  • Adult Education

The Covenant Church community is committed to the idea that when you are either exploring faith as a seeker or a lifelong disciple of Christ, continued learning and growing is an essential aspect of the Christian experience. The adult education program is one means of strengthening your faith. We meet on Sunday morning during the educational hour and have an opportunity to listen to a variety of teachers as well as interact with each other about the ideas being presented. The weekly offerings are listed on the website as well as in an email sent to any who want to join the list. The class or classes meet in rooms 13 and 14 at 10:45 am during the school year. We would love to have you join us!

  • Disciple Bible Study
  • Disciple: Becoming Disciples Through Bible Study is a survey of the Bible emphasizing what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.

This study aims at transformation, not just information. DISCIPLE calls on persons to submit themselves to examination by Scripture, and to be changed by God’s word.

Linda Karalfa first took DISCIPLE in the late 1980s, the first year it came out. Since then she has led several groups through this course and has volunteered to teach it at Covenant. DISCIPLE classes meet 2 hours a week for 34 weeks to explore what the Bible has to say about following Jesus. Participants make the commitment to daily preparation (about 30 minutes per day) and weekly attendance at and full participation in the group study sessions. You do not need to know anything about the Bible–you only need the desire to learn and the willingness to commit the time to learn.

If you are interested in joining DISCIPLE, please contact Linda via email She is waiting to answer your questions and sign you up for this adventure in Bible study!

  • Men’s Bible Study

Men’s Bible Study meets every Saturday at 7:45 am for one hour at the church. Anyone is welcome to join as we study the bible.

  • “Covenant Membership @ Covenant” Orientation

After going through the process of getting acquainted with our Pastor and the community of faith here, and after becoming incorporated into a Life Group, if you are interested in exploring whether making the commitment to “Covenant Membership @ Covenant” we invite you to gather with others considering this important step.  We will discuss the requirements to take this step, and schedule a meeting with the pastor.  An appropriate date to take the vows of Covenant membership can be determined at that time.  Contact the church office here (or by calling 466-1768) to express your interest in this step.