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Weekly Scripture

After reading the weekly scripture here, I invite you to be in prayer for vulnerable people around the world (Haiti, Chile, Afganistan, Pakistan, African countries and others from the global south).

~Pastor Roger Hudson

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Youth Faith Formation

Similar to the process designed for adults (see ‘Engage in the Process’), we think it is vital that we provide opportunities for our youth to grow in their faith within a covenant community.  We have a wide variety of groups that meet the needs of different developmental ages.

New people are always welcome; invite a friend to come with you to youth group! Youth ministries at Covenant include middle and high school youth groups, Bible studies, Sunday school, mission trips, and other special event gatherings and celebrations. Wondering how many ways there are for our Youth to be connected? Come see the current schedule and learn so much more! Middle and high school interns are available to prayerfully lead, guide, teach, and organize our youth.

We are truly blessed to have so many eager and enthusiastic children as part of Covenant United Methodist Church. We offer Sunday School classes on Sunday mornings (from the week after Labor Day until school is out) beginning at 9:45 am and continuing until 10:45 am, for ages ranging from toddlers to 3rd grade. There is also nursery care provided for our little ones who may be too young yet to participate in the classrooms with their siblings.

We are committed to giving these children a fun-filled environment where they can learn and experience the teachings of the Bible and the love of our Lord and Savior. Classes are broken down by age group, so each child will receive age-appropriate information in a format easy for them to understand.

Nursery And Preschool
Nursery is provided for Sunday morning worship, Sunday school time, and special worship times, as well as for certain other groups. If you are interested in a group but need childcare, ask the group leader if nursery care can be provided.
Visit nursery page

Jr. and Senior High Youth Group
Youth Directors Skyler and Aric lead youth group on Sundays at 6:30pm. Everyone in grades 7-12 are welcome.

Download youth permission forms:

General Permission Form

Emergency Medical Authorization

Vacation Bible School (VBS)
VBS is a week long theme-oriented adventure in the Bible through music, crafts, stories, games, snacks, and a lot of fun exploring and learning in the name of Jesus Christ! It takes over 75 volunteers, decorations, supplies, and planning to make this a week full of knock-your-socks-off activities for children of all ages to enjoy! Won’t you join us this year for a week you will want to last all summer?

Twinlow Camp
Twinlow Camp is a ministry of the United Methodist churches of eastern Washington and northern Idaho. It exists to promote the missions of the church and encourage commitment to Christ through worship, education, recreation, and community for children, youth, and adults. Twinlow offers opportunities for communion with God’s creation to individuals and groups of diverse abilities and racial and cultural backgrounds. Come learn more of Covenant’s ties to this wonderful camp and center.