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Weekly Scripture

After reading the weekly scripture here, I invite you to be in prayer for vulnerable people around the world (Haiti, Chile, Afganistan, Pakistan, African countries and others from the global south).

~Pastor Roger Hudson

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Find Your Place

As humans, we are all spiritual beings. It is part of the way we are created by God. Here at Covenant, we have a deep desire to be the spiritual center for our community. We believe that everyone can find a place to grow spiritually, and the journey can look different for everyone. In order to connect people together, and with the Divine, we have certain tools that (we pray) God will use to deepen our faith walk and equip us to serve God and others in the world.

Choose for yourself when and how to participate.  There is always an invitation, never an invasion; always opportunity, never demand.

Engage in the Process of Following Christ
We believe that life is a journey.  Sometimes that journey finds us in the depths of despair and unable to move forward.  At other times, we long to celebrate with our friends.  No matter where we are in life, or in our journey of faith, there is a place for you here.  We invite you to discern what your next step will be…  find out what some of your options are by clicking the page ‘Engage in the Process.’