January 30th

Presenter: Pete Enns

We are all relational people. We come into the world totally dependent on our caregivers to be in a relationship with us. Our images of our caregivers are dependent on our experience with them. Our initial images of God are shaped by our experience with our caregivers. As we grow and develop, our continued experiences shape our images of God.

Do you remember your image of God when you graduated high school? What about when you were married or when your first child was born?   What is your image of God now?

Some years ago, J.B. Philips wrote a book entitled Your God is Too Small. He writes: “The trouble with many people today is that they have not found a God big enough for modern needs. While their experience of life has grown in a score of directions, and their mental horizons have been expanded to the point of bewilderment by world events and by scientific discoveries, their ideas of God have remained largely static.”

Richard Rohr also writes about how people have different stages of faith, often related to the experiences they have at a specific age. As we encounter life’s realities, our faith changes.

We are going to watch a talk by Pete Enns on the topic of reimaging God. Dr. Enns is a Biblical Scholar and Theologian teaching at Eastern University in Pennsylvania. His undergraduate work was at Messiah College in Grantham, Pennsylvania. He attended seminary at Westminster Seminary and has a Ph.D. from Harvard. He is a wonderful teacher. He works with how the Bible reimagines God and how our experience impacts how we view God.

To prepare for this class, think about how your image of God has shifted over the years.

Join us on Zoom about 10 minutes after the morning service. We look forward to this class.