During Holy Week, we turn our attention toward Jesus’ journey toward the cross, the tomb, and then resurrection. Each service serves as a major signpost.

On Palm Sunday We remember that Jesus entered Jerusalem to great expectation and excitement, but the same crowds that cheered his arrival, within the week, had turned and cried out for his crucifixion. How can we shed our false expectations of God?

On Maundy Thursday We remember that the God of all creation stoops down to wash our dirty and road-tired feet. Then the Divine calls us to a table set with grace and hope. Can we eat of this meal and drink from this cup? Can we share it with those who call themselves our enemies?

On Good Friday We walk with Jesus to his death. We remember the jeers of the crowd. God defeats death and sin, not through violence, but by breaking the power of violence and showing that it is folly. But Jesus is dead. We end in silence.

Easter Sunday We celebrate! Christ Jesus has triumphed over death by death. Just as Jesus leaves the tomb behind, he invites us to leave behind the things that kill us, our neighbors, and the creation. Can we step out of our grave clothes and into life?