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Presenter:  Pastor Megan Madsen

There are a number of people who speculate we are living in a time when Christ will return to earth.  You may have grown up in a faith tradition where pastors spoke often about the rapture, and the book of Revelation was the source of many sermons.  Or, you may have been a part of a tradition where the idea of Christ returning to earth again was rarely mentioned and the book of Revelation was seldom a source for sermons.

This is what Pastor Megan says about her session: “I’ll be touching on what sort of eschatology, theology of the end times, that we can cultivate and why the ‘rapture’ isn’t a helpful version.  I’ll talk about the book of Revelation and how we read apocalyptic texts in the Bible.  It seemed fitting with the dual meaning of Advent.”

We look forward to Pastor Megan’s take on this topic.  She began the fall with several sessions in the adult education program, and we are delighted she is going to join us again at the end of the year.

Please meet with us Sunday, Dec 19th, either in room 13 or on Zoom for Pastor Megan’s presentation.  We will begin approximately 15 minutes after the close of the morning worship service. For a link to the zoom presentation, contact the church office or watch for the enews. It will be recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel next week.

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