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Presenter: Tom Robinson

Many experts and foreign correspondents were convinced that Russia would not invade Ukraine. Here were two countries where large portions of the population worshipped at the same Eastern Orthodox churches. Families had relatives in both countries. However, Putin chose to invade. The devastation and deaths are in our living rooms. We fall asleep with those images flitting across our minds.

We are fortunate to have someone in our congregation who has been studying and teaching political science for much of his career. This is our chance to look at this conflict from Tom Robinson’s perspective.

This is what Tom writes about this session of the adult education program:
“This class will explore the causes of the current conflict and how it represents a larger struggle between the democratic governing models prevalent in Western countries and the increasingly authoritarian models that dominate Russia, China and increasingly, some of the former Soviet bloc countries of Eastern Europe. This struggle is, in part, responsible for the hostilities directed at Ukraine by Russia. We will review the status of the war and discuss the role NATO plays in this conflict. Finally, I will discuss the use of economic sanctions against Russia by the West as one of the primary tools being used to support Ukraine, and invite a general discussion of the situation by the class.”

You won’t want to miss this session, which is the last adult education class for this season. The class will begin on Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. in person in rooms 13 and 14 or on Zoom. The Zoom link is ID: 976 0612 3777. There is no passcode. Just put in the ID.


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