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Have you ever thought of going on a mission trip to El Salvador?  What is it like to be a member of a delegation to our sister church in El Paisnal?  Do you have concerns about traveling to a third-world country?

For answers, join us during Adult Ed this Sunday to listen to several of your friends who have been members of the last two delegations our church has sent to El Salvador. Fleeta Holcomb, Teresa Sherman, David Yarbrough, and Ted and Diane Ketcham will share some of their experiences as a member of a mission delegation.  They will also share some of their more memorable personal moments while visiting our sisters and brothers at the Good News Church in El Paisnal.  Should you choose to join the next delegation, a unique opportunity to deepen your faith through experiencing worship and fellowship with our sister church awaits you. You will be blessed far beyond anything you can imagine.  Adult Education will begin approximately 15 minutes following worship. Please grab your coffee, say your hellos, and join us promptly in the sanctuary for this informative and poignant presentation.  You can also join us online on Facebook or YouTube.

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