…Of dust you were formed and to dust you shall return.
Adult Ed, Oct 24th

Facilitator: Jayce Keeling

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Jayce Keeling is a former educator, a facilitator of personal growth and self-discovery groups, a contemplative group and a wonderful participant in Covenant Church. This is what she writes about her adult education session this week:

“For me, these words “ashes to ashes, dust to dust,” are not ominous or frightening, but instead they hold a certain comfort, the assurance that my life is part of the natural cycle of life and death that is apparent in all of God’s creation. And as a result of my growing appreciation for creation care, I have become aware of the environmental damage caused by traditional methods of burial and cremation.

I would like to share with you the evolution of my thoughts regarding burial and cremation. I will also share some of what I have learned about what is described as green or natural burial as well as facts about the environmental impact of traditional burial and cremation. In addition, I will be sharing some of my personal journey into understanding and accepting the reality of death and dying, and my process for exploring my wishes for the disposition of my body. The decision for how we want our body to be cared for after our soul has returned to God is a deeply personal one. As I have discovered, giving this decision thoughtful time and care can be a revelatory and life-giving experience.”

We are grateful to Jayce for exploring this topic. Join us about 10 minutes
after the morning worship service in the sanctuary or on Zoom.