Adult Ed Sunday, Oct. 31st, is facilitated by Lenore Three Stars

The adult education team is pleased to welcome Lenore Three Stars to our adult education program this week. Lenore was employed by the Office for Civil Rights in the United States Department of Education. She also studied at George Fox University Seminary. As a member of the first nation, she brings a unique focus incorporating her theological training and her knowledge of civil rights issues.

“The last time I joined you all in Adult Ed (2/28/21), I introduced the Doctrine of Discovery; last week, Tom Robinson expertly presented a deeper dive into the background and ideology of that malicious doctrine.  One might consider the discovery principle of historical interest, and not realize the extent of the pervasive and lasting damage it did to indigenous peoples.

Where do we see how the Doctrine of Discovery continues to oppress Native people today, and can we imagine ways to make it right?”

Our faith urges us to question and break free from the culture that is our daily reality. Lenore is a wonderful resource to help us look at our culture and question its priorities and impact.

Come join us in the adult education hour about ten minutes after the close of the morning service – 10:30 am. We are meeting in the sanctuary due to the need for social distancing. You can also join us on Zoom if you are home. The link will be in the Sunday enewsletter or contact the church office to get the link.