April 3, 2022: Presenter:  Randy Larson

Often, we have an image in our mind that describes a particular role that a person plays in society.  This week you might have your image challenged when you learn that Randy Larson is a missionary.  Randy is an engineer.  What does he do as a missionary?

This is how Randy introduced himself to us:
“Coming face to face with extreme poverty for the first time in Central America, I could not leave them behind without hope. Many thousands of children die each day worldwide because of lack of drinking water or inadequate waste treatment which spreads disease. With an engineering background in providing clean water and adequate sanitation, I feel both the profound responsibility and privilege to be part of the solution in a way that shares the love of Jesus Christ.

My passion is to encourage and equip people for service in the developing world. I now train and send out missionaries to design orphanages, hospitals, schools, churches; all serving the poor, bringing justice to the oppressed, and proclaiming the Gospel message. I grew up in Spokane, graduated from Whitworth University, and obtained my engineering degree from Columbia University in New York City.”

Randy has maintained a relationship with Sue and Gordon Jackson.  We are fortunate to have him join us in our adult education program.

The class will begin on Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. in person in rooms 13 and 14 or on Zoom.  The Zoom link is ID:  976 0612 3777.  There is no passcode.  Just put in the ID.