Session #5: For a fresh and imaginative look at the life and times of St. Paul you may want to rent the 2018 pre-Easter movie “Paul, Apostle of Christ” available on Amazon Prime for $4.00. The movie graphically portrays conditions experienced by early Christians in the first century era. The movie is also incisive in portraying the significance of Paul’s life on the early church This week we will learn more about the legacy of this man of profound faith whose career path was completely changed by a mystical encounter with the Resurrected Christ he considered as real as any experienced by the eyewitnesses on Easter morning.

As a devout Jewish Pharisee, Paul already had a deep personal love for God, personal integrity, a strong educational background and academic pedigree. He apparently was also somewhat cosmopolitan, having grown up in Tarsus but also lived and studied in Jerusalem. Paul never married, (perhaps a good thing given his tenacious personality and relentless drive to never quit), yet his epistles are filled with references to women serving alongside him in most of the churches he founded. His passion for extending the impact of the gospel would lead him to become a widespread traveler, all the while supporting himself with work making and repairing tents and awnings. Paul also reflects a deep love for people of all kinds—including those who were far from faith. Paul brought a life full of qualifications God used to leave his mark on the church and shape a movement that would eventually change the course of western civilization.

Whatever attitudes toward Paul you may bring to this week’s study, come learn more about a servant of Christ whose intellect and communication skills were exemplary, and whose legacy has greatly shaped our understanding of how the early church grew explosively in the first century.

Again, please note that due to the use of copyrighted materials, we are unable to livestream or post these Adult Ed sessions.  Get your favorite coffee or tea and join us Sunday after worship!