Get ready for an adventure! From our various backgrounds all of us come to the Bible with ideas as to how the writings we call scripture came to us. We also share or wrestle with what value we give to these “ancient words” in our everyday lives. Some believe all Scripture is inspired by God. Others find biases of the human authors clearly conflicting with what they believe God reveals to us in Christ. For several weeks we will explore video presentations followed by class discussion of “The New Testament You Never Knew—Exploring the context, purpose, and meaning of the story of God” by N. T. Wright and Michael F. Bird.

This week’s introductory video will provide an overview of the books that make up the New Testament. Professor Wright comments that “anyone who picks up the New Testament will find, if they give it a chance, that it is one of the most explosive books ever written.”  He then states: “But the real question is . . .do we know and understand the New Testament?”  This is a study I wish had come my way decades ago! Join us Sunday for a great opportunity to learn just how complex, interesting, and powerful scripture can be even when we learn it wasn’t magic, but persevering servants of God who brought it to us!

Please join us in room 13/14. This will not be live streamed or recorded.

The dates for the series are:
Oct 15, 22
Nov 12, 19, 26
Dec 3, 10, 17