We all have someone in our families or know someone who suffers from a brain disease known as addiction. In recent years opioid addiction and fentanyl overdoses and deaths have filled our media. What can be done for those who suffer endlessly with the perils of addiction?

Our speaker for Adult Ed this week is Hallie Burchinal, co-founder and Executive Director of Compassionate Addiction Treatment (CAT) in Spokane. Hallie became homeless at age 16 and has suffered from a gambling addiction. You will learn of Hallie’s own recovery story as well as new philosophies and practical assistance for others. Compassionate Addiction Treatment is a low-barrier treatment option for low-income and/or homeless people. “Connection” is the first step for those who need to be cared about by people who will not judge them.

While not everyone suffering from addiction has childhood trauma, some will need to have their Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) evaluated. Many come to addiction after circumstances leave them homeless and they begin using substances to cope with the humiliation, fear, abuse, and shame.

Please come and meet Hallie and bring your questions. She is a genuine, committed, and knowledgable helper.